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About (or How I Learned to Stop Worrying & Love Iowa)

A born and raised New England Yankee, I left behind lobster, clams, and cranberries for the cornfields and hogs of Iowa.  Making the transition from the urban Northeast to the farmlands of the Midwest has been a not-unpleasant form of culture shock.  I’m learning to love the sorts of adventures Iowa has to offer.  No, really.

Not long after my move to Iowa, a Midwestern Gentleman (a travel-hungry Minnesotan) swept me off my feet. So, the title of this blog has evolved multiple meanings over time: it is about my exposure to the Midwest, about food and travel photography, and also about the Gentleman’s exposure to foods and places beyond the Midwest.

We’re having a lot of fun here.  So glad you could stop by!

Addendum: For reasons I explain in my final post, I have retired Midwestern Exposure from active duty.  Please consider visiting my new food and travel blog at What IF…? Gourmet.

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