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I’m beginning to sense a pattern here…

May 2, 2012

We are blessed with many friends who have fire pits in their backyards. Already this spring, we’ve gleefully attended potluck dinners (usually ending in s’mores) around three such fire pits. Stefan’s fire pit kicked off the season early, in March, followed by April gatherings at Kristin and Jason’s homestead and Kori’s beautifully landscaped backyard hideaway. I’m beginning to sense a pattern here, and it’s making me very happy. Imbibing, joking, and laughing around a fire with good folks and good food is my idea of a perfect Saturday evening.

A gorgeously laid-out, banquet-style dinner at Kristin and Jason’s house mellowed into a campfire gathering outside later in the evening.  We dined on some delicious mac and cheese, a refreshing green salad with olives and shaved fennel bulb, and an addictive concoction of black beans and spiced yogurt, among other goodies.

Dinner around the fire at Kori’s fed a casual crowd who arrived and departed with comfortable fluidity.  Kori had whipped up a huge batch of her famous Thai soup — a tangy, coconut-milk based soup with galangal, Thai chilis, mushrooms, sweet corn, shrimp, and cilantro.  Ever considerate of her guests’ palates, she made one pot at full strength spiciness, and a second pot with less of a kick.

Kori’s Thai soup

Kecia and Tim brought fish cakes so delicate in texture and so in-your-face flavorful I nearly swooned.  I’ll be pestering them for the recipe soon, but at the time I was too engrossed in eating the cakes to remember the ingredients they listed.  Something about red curry paste, tilapia, green beans, and… nom nom nom… the rest is a happy haze.

Kecia and Tim’s fish cakes

We’re all looking forward to many more cozy, food-filled evenings by a mesmerizing fire this summer!


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