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Adult Beverage Meets Favorite Childhood Treat

September 15, 2010

I love ice cream floats (root beer floats, especially), and drinking one always reduces me to a giggly six-year-old, delighting in the foam and bubbles and sweetness.  So, as summer attempts to linger on with the cool promise of autumn in the air, I have been indulging in a final summer treat: ice cream floats made with limoncello.  They’ve got all the foam and bubbles and sweetness, plus a little bit of grown-up flair.  Making them is simplicity itself, so get ready for some delicious nostalgia!

Limoncello Ice Cream Floats

1 large scoop vanilla ice cream*

1 oz. limoncello

club soda or gingerale (to fill glass)

Put the scoop of vanilla ice cream in the bottom of a drinking glass.  Pour the shot of limoncello over the ice cream.  Carefully fill the rest of the glass with soda.  Enjoy immediately!

*If, like me, you are dairy-challenged, this treat works brilliantly with vanilla bean coconut milk  ice cream.  The blend of lemon, vanilla, coconut, and gingerale is tropical bliss.

  1. September 16, 2010 9:54 am

    Oh, my holy YUMMY!
    I just recently started following your blog, and this is something that I will definitely try (as soon as my new homemade limoncello is ready).

  2. September 16, 2010 10:33 am

    Thanks, Kaye! And welcome. 🙂

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