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Dedicated to the One (Sandwich) I Love

June 16, 2010

Generally speaking, I am not a sandwich connoisseur (unlike my esteemed acquaintance, Rebecca, whose devotion to this culinary genre is nothing short of awe-inspiring).  However, I do belong to that subset of sandwich lovers who share a single-minded passion for the Reuben.  The Reuben is the sandwich of my dreams, and rarely can I resist its salty, tangy charms once I’ve seen it listed on a menu.  In fact, I don’t feel at home in a new city until I have scoped out a reliable Reuben source.  So, when my mom, sister, and I arrived at Ronneburg Restaurant in the Amana Colonies hungry for lunch, the locally made pork sausage and wiener schnitzel had little hope of holding my attention once I saw that the Reuben on offer was loaded with Amana-made sauerkraut and served up on Amana’s own freshly baked marbled rye.  A classic mistake in Reuben construction overloads the sandwich with corned beef, overwhelming the balance of contrasting textures that elevates the Reuben above other sandwiches.  Fortunately, the Ronneburg Restaurant exhibited no such folly — its modest amount of tender corned beef coexisted in flavorful harmony with its crisp kraut and gooey swiss cheese.  The Russian dressing was served on the side, so each diner could tailor the amount to his or her own liking.

A German meal deserves to be washed down with a German beverage, so I also ordered a glass of Amana’s local brew, Millstream Wheat, a crisp and refreshing accompaniment.  A generous slice of rhubarb streusel-topped pie at the Ox Yoke Inn rounded out the meal later in the afternoon.

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  1. June 21, 2010 12:20 pm

    I approve! That looks like a lovely sandwich.

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