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Syrup & Spice

May 23, 2010

While visiting Milwaukee, I spent the better part of an hour meandering around The Spice House, sniffing and tasting various tantalizing spice and herb blends as I tried to make up my mind what was worthy of precious suitcase space.  (The Milwaukee Spice House is the original, with branches in Evanston, Geneva, and Chicago, IL.)  One of my final selections was a West Indies BBQ Spice Rub with fire and tang.  Continuing my experimentation with Suzy’s clementine syrup, I combined a few spoonfuls of the West Indies spice rub with some kosher salt and enough clementine syrup to make a loose paste.  After slathering the paste under the skin of several chicken legs and thighs, I brushed the outer skin with buttermilk and rolled the chicken in panko bread crumbs.  I baked the chicken in a glass baking dish at 375 F for 45 minutes, until the breadcrumb coating was golden brown and crispy.

Meanwhile, I sauteed apple slices in olive oil until they softened, and then added sliced garlic, a few dashes of soy sauce, and a small bunch of fresh kale, torn into pieces.  Covering the skillet, I let the kale cook for about 10 minutes, essentially steaming in the moisture released from the apple slices and soy sauce.  By the time the kale was tender, the apple slices had caramelized to a rich brown.   Baked West Indies BBQ Chicken with Kale & Caramelized Apples: hot, tangy, sweet, salty — it’s all right here.


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